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Commercial Insulation

Central Kentucky Spray Foam high-performance insulation is a nominal 2.0lb/cu. ft. density, closed-cell spray foam (SPF insulation) that can be sprayed in place that adheres to oddly shaped surfaces. The R-value is above R 6.4 per inch, compared to fiberglass bat at R 3.5 therefore will stop air infiltration and eliminate convective looping which saves you, the building owner, a tremendous amount of energy and money.


Our Closed Cell Foam is formulated with renewable agricultural resources and uses a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly blowing agent with zero Ozone Depletion Potential for our commitment to developing environmentally friendly SPF insulation systems.


Once applied, SPF expands to fill all gaps and cavities to form a barrier that blocks air infiltration, noise pollution, dust, and pollen from entering your building. The low moisture vapor permeance eliminates the need for any additional vapor barriers in most applications which saves you money. Plus, this low permeance works to control moisture vapor movement so there’s not accumulation of mold-supporting moisture in your building’s walls. Our Foam is blended with an anti-microbial to inhibit mold, mildew, and bacterial growth as well, maximizing comfort and health to all of your building’s occupants.


SPF Closed Cell also adds structural rigidity to your building’s walls. In fact, in a test conducted by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center, a 2×4 wall sprayed with polyurethane foam insulation like ours had two times the racking strength of a wall filled with fiberglass batt insulation. Central Kentucky Spray Foam Closed Cell sprayed inside on a plywood roof deck increases the wind uplift resistance by over two and a half times that of standard nailing strength.

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