InsulBloc® Seamless Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation Central Kentucky

InsulBloc® Insulation

Our continuous InsulBloc® seamless Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation (SPF insulation) system is a highly versatile, closed-cell, spray-in-place foam insulation with outstanding air barrier and moisture barrier qualities that is ideal for masonry walls like the ones found in educational institutions. And since it’s seamless, InsulBloc is an excellent barrier to dust, drafts, pollen, and noise pollution.


Because InsulBloc® insulation is a spray application, it will conform to any geometric shape. This affords architects infinite design freedom. InsulBloc® is flexible and adaptable, so it will adhere to any creative feature or curve that your building might have.


InsulBloc® will seal walls to roof decks creating a water barrier, thereby eliminating the damage and detrimental health effects of wind-driven rain. InsulBloc® will seal the irregular shapes of steel I beams, corrugated roof decks, and dissimilar construction material interfaces.


Conventional construction areas that are very difficult to insulate, and seal against water and air are easily accommodated with InsulBloc®.


InsulBloc® SPF insulation outperforms every other insulation system on the market, providing operational energy and cost savings. This energy efficiency is the result of the spray foam’s ability to seal any construction gaps or tiny cracks, eliminating all heat flow bypass of the insulation membrane. What’s more, InsulBloc® spray foam insulation is environmentally friendly both in the way it is made and applied, and is completely non-toxic after installation.


What is InsulBloc® and How Does it Work?

InsulBloc® is a 2.0 lb./cu ft density, closed-cell spray polyurethane foam that provides higher R-value per unit thickness than can be achieved with any other type of commercially available insulation. SPF is produced when the two chemicals polyol and an isocyanate are mixed together in the presence of catalysts and other additives using a specially made spray applicator system. The chemicals, sprayed as a liquid, react, expand, and cure in place, forming a seamless insulating and damp-proofing membrane.

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